Hebei DeLin Machinery Co., Ltd. ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 a professional manufacturer of slurry pumps in China. The company covers an ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载a of more than 40 thoag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载and squag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 meters with a building ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载a of more than 2.2 squag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 meters. It mainly provides supporting pumps for mines, metallurgy, municipal, electric poag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载r, coal, dredging, thermal poag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载r flue gas desulfurization, petroleum, chemical, building materials and other indag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载tries. The products ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 sold outside the provinces, municipalities and autonomoag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 regions, and ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 exported to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. The company adopts advanced computer aided design softwag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载 for product and process design, and the design level and design...


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Mobile:13930129172 Telephone:ag旗舰厅官方网站首页_ag旗舰厅国际厅_ag旗舰厅在线下载0086-311-86481688

Address:Hebei province Shijiazhuang City Yuanshi Street No. 271
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